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Manic Pixie Dream Dissident
27 mars 2016 @ 13:46

Meeting People Is Easy
I like to understand what I'm shown.

I'm really, really queer and I love tragic characters and lots and lots of women both fictional and not. I like making stuff and I enjoy really weird shit even more.

If the above sounds agreeable and we have something in common, leave a comment and let's see where this goes.

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Manic Pixie Dream Dissident
31 décembre 2015 @ 16:23

All we ever wanted was everythingRéduire )
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Manic Pixie Dream Dissident
13 décembre 2014 @ 21:50

Since the picspam community I joined in the hopes of creating more picspams and doing things here has since deleted (this hurts me deeply, btw), I decided to make a picspam prompt post. Just reply here with prompts for picspams you think I should make and perhaps, then, I could make weekly picspams and then everyone's happy, yes? Yes.

Okay, go!!!
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Manic Pixie Dream Dissident
12 août 2014 @ 19:34
It's not only not very favorable, but it was without my knowledge or consent.

The debate over Inglourious Basterds and the limits of representationRéduire )
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20 avril 2014 @ 01:22

You know me too well...Réduire )
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12 mars 2014 @ 23:52
"A man can be destroyed but not defeated."
- Ernest Hemingway
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Manic Pixie Dream Dissident

Icons 3 - 6 are from this graphics set (x).
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