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A plea, a petition, a kind of prayer; Shosanna/Fredrick fic archive

Updated rec list July 26.


NOTE: The fics listed as written by me are the ones I am most proud of. My earlier efforts, though appreciated, I am not as pleased with in retrospect. You can find them if you wish through the fic: shosanna/fredrick tag.

King For A Day - NC-17 - words: 65,901 - Work in progress
| information/cast post | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11
Shosanna and Fredrick had fully given of themselves to one another; he trembled in her arms, her name upon his lips like a mantra. What the two of them had was transcendent.
Note: I have made minor edits to previous parts of the story - cleaning up grammar and better word choices. I'm still in the process of cleaning it up - it will be ready once I update with part 11.

there's only two of us now - R - words: 3,890 - link
Together in her room, in the bed which they now shared, with her body stretched beneath his, they yielded only to the touch of the other; coming apart and piecing together over and over again.

Tango Till They're Sore - R - words: 3,483 - LOL RPF - link
She was seated at the edge of the chair before him, observing him with anticipation and wonder as he hitched the skirt of the dress up and over her knees; his fingertips skimming along the bare skin he slowly, but surely exposed.

Un Amico - R - words: 2,774 - link
He felt unequal to the task of gazing so openly upon her, ashamed that she would even let him be so close. He almost felt himself slip away from her, if not for her hands upon him.

I'll Take the 'A' Train Someday - NC-17 - words: 2,076 - LOL RPF - link
"Mon amour," she gasped. There was an urgency to her voice, of something fervid and wanting. He knew then that it was something he wanted more of, something that he knew he could never do without - not after this.

These are all posted at . I wasn't able to fill all the prompts, but I'll continue to write for them and update here.

Prompt #1: Scars

Whole - PG - words: 100 - link
Fredrick's voice was hushed with awe.

Together - PG - words: 100 - link
Their vulnerabilities nested deep within their bones.

Prompt #2: Fire

Fate - PG-13 - words: 100 - link
"I am Shosanna Dreyfus."

Prompt #3: Cream

Sweeter Than Strings - PG - words: 100 - link
Shosanna smiled, despite herself.

Prompt #7: Cards

She's Always Calling My Bluff - Dieter/Bridget - PG-13 - words: 100 - link
He never could play the hand he was dealt.

Prompt #8: Regret

No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful - PG - words: 100 - link
Weakly, he managed to brush his hand against her cheek.

Prompt #13: Ghosts

rattle my frame and shatter my ghost - PG-13 - words: 100 - link
Her touch was tender; achingly, exceedingly so.

Prompt #17: Glorious

Your Body Above Me - PG-13 - words: 100 - link
They move together; warm flesh and thundering hearts.

These best explain why I love Shosanna/Fredrick. It's not as simple as a single sentence or a couple paragraphs. Both are in two parts, with plenty of screencaps, quotes from the actors and Quentin, and my own views.

Un Ami Reste Toujours Un Ami: A Fredrick/Shosanna Manifesto

Bullet Ballet: The romance and sexuality of the projection booth scene

Fic Recommendations
The following are the Shosanna/Fredrick fics and RPF I greatly enjoy from others:

Falling Over You - tehprincessj - PG-13 - words: 530 - link
Note: This is the very first Shosanna/Fredrick fic ever written for the fandom (yes, even outside of LJ). My dear tehprincessj was bold enough to write it, even as the IB fandom was quick to tear Fredrick to shreds.
She might very well be leading him away only to kill him, but her eyes say differently.

he do the police in different voices - trysts - PG-13 - link
Hell is very warm, but his phantom’s lips are cool.

our scars have names - trysts - PG-13 - link
Then Emmanuelle who was not Emmanuelle but Shosanna had roared up, grabbing him by his collar and dragged him out of the restaurant.

a scourge upon your hate - trysts - PG-13 - link
Fredrick will never know that it is her terror and her grief and her rage that draws him to her. There are pieces of him that recognizes those pieces in her, and resound with the familiarity. Instead, she must simply be beautiful.

It Never Would've Lasted Anyway - devlinacardigan - R - words: 2,346 -link
She doesn’t know what she wants but something dark is unfurling inside her. Something she doesn’t want, something that’s calling his name.

Tulips - bourbonights - NC-17 - words: 179 - link
“Vous êtes magnifique,” he breathed into her neck.

an avalanche of faces you know - hazyflights - PG - words: 2,879 - LOL RPF - link
"Melanie -" he hums her name like a song, "Melanie," he sings and his hands come around her face, sliding past both temples.

Black Cats - piecesofalice - R - LOL RPF - link
A tangle of sheets and last night's room service, their language skipping from English to French to hands-on-torsos and lips-on-skin and it's nothing like a tabloid cover or a script penned by a movie-mad American.

The End - piecesofalice - R - link
Their colour scheme was set from the beginning, and she presses the fabric against herself in a moment of horrible self-indulgence.

swear that you could hear it - danniisupernova- PG - link
He knew she could forgive him if she really tried.

J’ai deux amours (And neither of them are you) - lexiesloan - PG-13 - words: 340 - link
“I hate you,” she is finally able to say but it’s in a murmur and it’s against his lips as he kisses her – another kiss she doesn’t stop.

Turnabout - tehprincessj - NC-17 - words: 950 - link
Cloth gave way with the prodding of warm fingers and she felt her slick flesh come into contact with bare skin.

Divinity's Creature That Kissed In Cold Mirrors - Intoxicarcerate - NC-17 - warning: dub-con - words: 1,467 - link
He’s tender, gentle, fairly trembling with desire and as the warm slick of his tongue slides over hers, he moans as if this is all he’s ever wanted.

Juste un Verre - perinolas - PG-13 - link
Shosanna sucked in a breath. She knew that tomorrow, any feelings of sympathy for the war hero she had not but an hour ago would fade, and their small get-together would mean nothing to her. They would remain mere acquaintances, and it was in both of their best interests that they do so.

S'il Te Faut - perinolas - PG-13 - words: 1,015 link
She looked from the rose in Fredrick’s outstretched hand to his face, the corners of his mouth perked upward in an irritating grin. If Shosanna didn’t know better, she’d probably have thought the rose to be a sweet gesture, and accepted it without hesitation. But she did know better, and she also knew that this was Fredrick Zoller, German war hero and film star whose motives and desires she couldn’t be sure of.

Other tags of interest

Shosanna/Fredrick - For graphics and picspams

fanmixfuntimes - Every single fanmix I've made for Sho/Fred, along with Bridget/Dieter.

Tags: dieter/bridget, fanfiction, fic: Daniel/Mélanie, fic: shosanna/fredrick, rpf insanity, shosanna/fredrick, sticky post, what am i doing
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