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Picspam post #1

Bridget Von Hammersmark

"Hello my lovelies."

Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff

"Do you remember it all?"


1. Bridget Von Hammersmark picspam as requested by cold_clarity.
2. Bucky/Natasha picspam as requested by zollers.
3. Both picspams can be found on tumblr:

  • Bridget {x}

  • Bucky/Natasha {x}

4. Want to request a picspam? The post in which you can do so is always open! {x}
5. I am so down the rabbit hole with Bucky/Natasha that in the first time since 2009, my default userpic is of them instead of Shosanna/Fredrick.
6. I have lost my mind.
7. Pls comment if u like this post. ♥

Tags: bucky/natasha, picspam, stuff i made
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